Q: I have a puppy, but he hasn’t received his rabies vaccination yet. Can he be boarded at Carolina Pet Resort?
A: Yes, as long as he is current on his puppy vaccinations. (The first vaccinations are given at 6 – 8 weeks, followed by monthly vaccinations for the next 3 months. The Bordatella vaccination for canine cough can be given as early as 9 weeks. The rabies vaccination is usually given at 4 months.)

Q: My pet is on a special diet. Can he be fed the same diet at the kennel?
A: Yes, we allow you to bring your own food, and we will prepare a feeding card with specific instructions to ensure that your pet gets his special diet. We have a refrigerator in the food-preparation room to store perishable food.

Q: My pet takes medication. Is this a problem?
A: No, we routinely administer both over-the-counter and prescription medications, including antihistamines, antibiotics, phenobarbitol and insulin. (There is a $1 charge per adiministration for medicines and insulin $3)

Q: I’ve never left my dog in a kennel before. Will he think I’ve abandoned him?
A: Carolina Pet Resort is a safe alternative for your pet while you are away. He will be kept warm and dry, fed on schedule and let out to the half-acre yard 3 to 4 times a day to go to the bathroom and run. We spend quite a bit of time talking and playing with the pets, but we also offer extra playtimes and nature walks for maximum interaction. Think of us like a second family for your pets.

Q: My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. Can he still be boarded?
A: Yes, we don’t allow dogs to interact with other dogs while at Carolina Pet Resort. They are housed separately and go out to the yard separately. (This doesn’t apply to dogs that are part of the same family and requested to stay together.)

Q: What happens if my pet gets sick while at Carolina Pet Resort?
A: While this rarely happens, we are prepared. When you register, we ask that you provide us an emergency contact person and phone number as well as your vet’s name. If your pet shows signs of abnormal activity, we will call you first, then your emergency contact and/or your vet to find out if her behavior is normal for your pet. If we feel your pet needs to be seen by a vet, we will get authorization from you or your emergency contact, then transport him to the vet for treatment. If for some reason we can’t reach either party we will make a judgement call. Your pets health is our main concern. (There is a $25 charge for transportation.) We will stay with your pet for the visit as well unless the vet tells us otherwise.

Q: Where exactly is Carolina Pet Resort?
A: Carolina Pet Resort is located in the Irmo area at 1160 Berl-Mar Rd, Columbia, SC. We are located about a mile outside of the center of Irmo. It is easily accessible from I-26, Bush River Road, Lake Murray Blvd. and North Lake Drive (Hwy. 6).